Eclipse Server Support

Eclipse Server Support is a subscription-based suite of services from NordOps that includes proactive monitoring for Eclipse database and companion servers.

Eclipse Server Support reduces the time your organization spends on system administration functions, enabling you and your staff to focus on what matters most to your business – taking care of your customers and improving your bottom line.

  • Cross-Platform: we support Eclipse database and companion servers running on
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
    • Microsoft Windows Server
    • VMware
    • IBM AIX
  • Database: we provide support for the UniVerse database, including
    • Database basic troubleshooting (e.g. license issues, database not starting, spooler errors)
    • Database software upgrades
    • Database license changes
  • Monitoring: we configure monitoring software to watch your servers, including alerts for
    • Availability
    • Performance
    • Disk usage
    • Hardware errors (for Dell physical servers)
    • Print and fax queues
  • Backups: we monitor and support your Eclipse backups, including
    • Eclipse LVM snapshot script
    • Local backups (USB, NAS)
    • NordOps Cloud Backups
  • Operating system: we will help with
    • Troubleshooting OS errors that impact Eclipse
    • Scheduling software updates on a regular basis
    • Escalating issues with software vendors (e.g. Eclipse, Red Hat)
  • Storage: we will configure storage, including
    • Expanding filesystems
    • Adding drives
  • Printing: we will help with:
    • Adding new print queues to the server
    • Troubleshooting OS and UV spooler issues
  • Email: we will assist with
    • Configuring email relay
    • Troubleshooting outbound email
  • Server hardware: we will help you with
    • Server hardware troubleshooting
    • Server disk maintenance
    • Server vendor support case management

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