“Easy to work with, very knowledgeable, very responsive, great value for the money, cannot say enough good things!”

Shepherd Electric

“Knowledgeable and very helpful staff. Fast and efficient.”


“Very responsive and providing excellent services.”

Schaedler Yesco

“The service is outstanding. NordOps is there when you need them not when they have a spare moment. This is the first time I have felt our company had true network support.”

Johnstone Supply of Muskegon

“I have been very pleased with the responsiveness and quality of work.”

Revere Electric

“Fast response and great knowledge. These guys are great.”

General Plumbing Supply

“Prompt support response! You go above and beyond the scope of what is expected.”

WM F Meyer

“Had a great experience with an upgrade to my Linux OS!”


“Proactive, proactive, proactive. Things get fixed before they’re broken or certainly before I know their broken. They are so on top of things, it’s unbelievable.”


“NordOps has extremely talented people who understand the whole picture and provides solutions that don’t just “treat the symptoms”, but actually address the entire issue.”